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Online episodes now streaming a sneakily powerful workout that’ll strengthen you; awaken your metabolism; narrow the thighs; firm up your abs; increase flexibility; give your bottom a stiletto lift; restore your posture; melt fat; change your state; and help renew your mind rather quickly. Whew!


These engaging online Barre-Pilates, Interval, and Stretch episodes by ‘Dami are packed with energy, fun, detailed guidance; a meal plan with a grocery shopping list; weekly lifestyle challenges and resources; PLUS Think Again reflections at the end of each session to rivet your heart.

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-FREE Inspired Barre-Pilates Workout Video

-FREE Top Superfood & Fat Burner List

-FREE Quick Healing & Fat Burning Eating Plan


Meet ‘Dami

‘Dami unleashes energy, focus, and precision bringing in movement and transformational leadership skills from her uniquely combined dance background; as well as her years of Pilates apprenticeship; and service in the University of Oklahoma Health & Wellness Department. ‘Dami’s is a simple, delightful, adaptogenic method encompassing strength, intervals and mindfulness. She encourages and helps people focus on winning patterns of thinking, because “what we focus on, we become.”

‘Dami is a speaker, performing artist, coach and designer. And as a result of her passion to inspire and set-free, ‘Dami has created Tribal Marks, a creative outreach and fashion brand along with the “Please Take My Children” campaign supporting the rescue of trafficked women and children. Following that, she created Karingah!, the pan African Interval Dance method; Passion Barre, a Ballet Pilates conditioning approach to inspiring movement and also the name of it’s studio location; as well as Sàntú Stretch – a guided assisted stretching technique, for reflection, restoration and stress-relief.

Lounge photo of Dami of, tribal marks, passion barre, and Karingah; creator of inspired workouts and the Think Again and Be series

Inspired Workouts

Practice Barre – Pilates, Interval Workouts and Stretch conveniently online.

Uplifting Think Again Sessions

Relax and restore as you also strengthen your heart and soul

Easy-to-follow Plan

Follow a simple and guided monthly revolving workout plan to help you easily progress step by step

Done-for-you Meal Planning

7-Day Revive Your Diet Meal Plan and Grocery Shopping List

Weekly Challenges & Recipes

New & exciting weekly lifestyle challenges & recipes to spice up your journey

Exclusive Online Community

Online tribe of support so you can engage and share with others transforming their health and minds with ‘Dami.

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-Inspired Barre-Pilates Workout Video
-Top Superfood & Fat Burner List
-Quick Fat Burning Eating Plan

What our Tribe Says

I became a member about a month ago and I'm already seeing results, not just in my body, but also in my mind. My instructor/motivator, Dami, always ends with a positive message while your body rests at the end of your workout. It's low impact, but WORKS, omG does it WORK your body, but its really fun and new. I've worked parts of my body that I didnt know could be sore.- Sully O
...Thank you for everything you do. You truly do reach people on every level - In good times and in bad; in happiness and in sad; on a personal level or student/teacher relationship. People look up to you and admire you. Thank you Dami for your grace. You truly walk among angels.- Tricia Q
...Awesome! Just one session & I feel the parts of my body that have never been touched in a normal gym workout. Dami is so welcoming, knowledgeable & a lot of fun!”- Josephine H
I work out at the gym, run 3 miles a day, and lift heavy weights, so I honestly thought this workout wouldn't do much for me. I WAS WRONG. It kicked by butt. I LOVE IT!!! The results are amazing! I highly recommend this for ALL people who want to get into shape and be healthy.- Selina S
Dami and Passion Barre Client Transformation before and after shotI found Passion Barre and ‘Dami at the perfect time. I was in the middle of many changes. Just recovering from a broken heal bone and marriage. I had gained way too much weight (70 lbs). I had just started trying to get back to my pre broken state with exercise and healthy eating. Since they had to put screws in my foot I was no longer able to do my past workouts and I was bigger so I didn’t feel as comfortable at the gym. ‘Dami ensured me that I could do Barre, and she was right. It took a year and I was able to loose the weight, regain my confidence and make great friends who are nothing but inspiring. Many people ask me how I changed my body so easily (nothing worth anything is easy). I always refer them to the “Barre” 😉

– Teri

Dami and Passion Barre Client Transformation before and after shot
Featured StoryTeri

Some frequently asked questions

How do I know where to start and what to do for maximum results?

I’ve created revolving workout plans crafted to restore, strengthen, tone and uplift you. The videos are grouped into series of fours, to help you master each episode and build muscle memory through engaging repetition, focus and change. They come with modifications as well as featured bonus workouts. So just login and practice your workouts at least 3-4 times a week! It really is simple and guided.

Do you require payment to get the free preview?

Not at all! There is no payment/credit card required to get a preview of the type of workouts, inspiration and healing foods I’ll be introducing to you. This will help you take the edge off while you find out if we’re a good fit for each other.

What is your cancellation policy?

You have full access to your account to make updates and changes, and to cancel your membership whenever you need to in just one click. Pretty simple!

What is this Exclusive Online Community?

The online community is an exclusive private group housed on the Facebook platform for Inspired Workouts with ‘Dami members. You can connect with others from all over the globe! Those who engage in the group encourage each other, celebrate their progress and learnings; and they also check in their workouts and share helpful tips. It’s a great way to stay accountable, and stay motivated on the journey. Go ahead and get your FREE TRIAL GIFTS.


Get to the body and mindset you want with great company and workouts you’ll actually enjoy. Let me help you resist the onset of obesity and it’s quality of life-threatening risks. Rest from trying to figure this out on your own and get started with a FREE preview with trial gifts

-Inspired Barre-Pilates Workout Video
-Top Superfood & Fat Burner List
-Quick Fat Burning Eating Plan

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Inspired Barre-Pilates Workout Video to help you lose weight, tone and feel great anywhere and on your time
Top Superfood & Fat Burner List to give you the freedom to enjoy many foods you like!
Quick Fat Burning Eating Plan to energize you, reduce bloating and pain; and burn off unwanted pounds

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