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Inspired, handcrafted & heart selected styles that identify & freely speak the bold, global, chic and versatile language of the traveler, mover and shaker of her day.

Inspired Style & Beauty

Shop new collections of inspired handmade clothing items and designs, plus heart picked findings by ‘Dami featuring wovens and the Ankara Wax print. Look for those signature words and typography that breathe life into you.

Gifts & Accessories

Look for those signature words and typography that identify and call out the incredible potential in you and others and let them radiate through accessories for your person; home decor; office space; or gifts.

Heart & Hand Crafted

My inspiration and process draws from prayer, my parents, my multicultural family upbringing, global travels, my victories and my trials as well as outreaches and mission work with a simultaneous passion for seeing people liberated and unleashed into their God-given purpose with connections made through each item.

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